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Insights and Perspectives


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Combining his experiences from working in various roles in the financial industry and his doctorate mathematical training, Kai Hing Lum has spent a large part of his long career explaining to his audience how things work..."one can explain something complex in a simple and yet accurate way only if one truly understands the subject". 

What We Do

Crossection Learning provides learning solutions from program design and content creation to class delivery in the classroom or virtually, focusing on financial markets, products, securities services, and risks.


Why are we special?
We combine strong technical expertise and extensive practical experience to inject insights and perspectives not readily available otherwise into our subject matters.
What can you find here?
Here are the titles of our most popular and successful classes; download the Class Brochure to see detailed class descriptions.

How do we work with you?

Contact us about your education needs. We also work with our clients on bespoke programs, contents, and delivery formats.



  • Introduction to Financial Markets

  • Derivatives Primer

  • How XYZ Makes Money

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  • Equity Markets Fundamentals

  • Fixed Income Fundamentals

  • Foreign Exchange Fundamentals

  • Financial Statement Analysis

  • Derivatives Fundamentals

  • Fundamentals of Risk Control in Banks



  • Option Strategies for Trading and Investing

  • Linear Interest Rate Strategies

  • FX Hedging and Derivative Strategies

  • Collateral Markets Fundamentals

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+1 914 713 7988



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